Be A Part Of A Wildlife Adventure Amidst The Desert at Dubai Safari Park

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While talking about Dubai’s wondrous contributions, the limelight falls on the Dubai Safari Park which is one of the unique adventure parks where leisure sightseeing and wildlife spotting go hand in hand. A home to 3,000 animals and even more to come, this eco-friendly attraction is a must visit while in Dubai. Scroll down and know everything about this fascinating place residing amidst the hustle-bustle of the city and don’t miss the chance to spend a day with the wild beasts.

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While the Dubai Safari Park has many places to explore along with a wide range of wildlife species, explore these main attractions of the safari park and spend a great time exploring the raw culture of the city.

The entire park is divided into five zones.  One of them is the actual Safari tour and for this, you need to purchase a separate ticket or purchase combo ticket at the entrance ( see details at the end of this post ).

1. Safari Village

The most fascinating thing about the Dubai Safari Park is the traditional open safari, which teleports its visitors to the dense jungles of Asia and Africa for a close encounter with the wild beasts. While one can relax at the comfort of the specially designed vehicle, they can catch the sightseeings of abundant species like the zebra, baboons, deer, cheetahs and water buffalos.

And the visit to this man-made safari park is incomplete without capturing a glimpse of the mighty lions and majestic tigers lounging under the sun. This artificial safari park also showcases a rippling waterfall which is a unique solar-powered initiative created to enhance the ecosystem.

What you will love: The walk through crocodile exhibit, open air theatres for bird and reptile shows

2. African Village

Roam around the beautifully adorned African Savannas and Rainforests while in UAE. The African village is the one of the most prominent places to discover inside the Dubai Safari Park which features the African wild dogs, giant tortoises, chimpanzees and mighty white lions.

What you will love: A pride of tigers peeking through the protective glass barriers.

3. Arabian Village

Walk through the sandy deserts, terrains of rocky mountains and lush green meadows of this village inside the Dubai Safari Park. A great paradise for the travelers who admire the Dubai desert. This region shelters many beautiful creatures like the Nilgais and Antelopes which are usually found in captivity. Apart from this don’t miss out the chance to keep an eye on the wolves living here.

What you will love: A herd of gracious gazelles traipsing across the region.

4. Asian Village

The Asian village in Dubai Safari park will not fail to surprise, as it shelters the Asia’s only great ape. Apart from capturing the mighty old man of the forest, one can ditch the wheels at this place to take a walk amidst the dense forests enclosed by Gibbons, Moon bears and the giant Komodo dragons.

What you will love: The traditional East-Asian architecture.

5. Wadi Village

After getting a closure of the abundant wildlife culture of African savannahs and Asian jungles, this village is the perfect recreational place to spend a relaxing time with family and friends. Designed beautifully with lush-greenery, this region truly defines the initiative taken by Dubai Municipality. Adorned with solar powered water streams fishing ponds, this place makes a great recreational center after a tiring wildlife safari.

What you will love: A relaxing space to enjoy the vibrance of the surroundings.

6. Kids Farm

Alongside the wildlife safari and a recreational region, the Dubai safari park offers a playground for the kids. The kids farm is specially curated for the little visitors who can spend the day learning about farm animals like chicken, goats, sheeps and cows. The children can spend a recreational day while connecting with nature and learning about how to ride ponies and milk cows.

What you will love: A playground for the kids to connect with the bliss of nature.

Dubai Safari Park Timings

For the people planning to visit Dubai Safari Park, currently the timings are 9 AM to 5 PM daily. To take a round of the whole safari park, it takes approximately 5 hours so it is advised to keep enough time in hand to explore everything the safari park has to offer.

Dubai Safari Park Tickets

For Adults: 50 AED (INR 975) per person
For Child: 20 AED (INR 390) per person

Combo Ticket

For Adults: 85 AED (INR 1,655) per person
For Child: 30 AED (INR 680) per person

Getting To Dubai Safari Park

Dubai safari park is located on Al Waqra 5, settled at the Hatta Road. The easiest route to reach the safari park is Al Awir situated opposite the Desert Palm Resort and Hotel. This place is easily accessible by cab.

The distance of Dubai Safari Park from major landmarks:

International airport: 17 Kms
Dubai City: 23 Kms
Jumeirah: 25 Kms
Sharjah: 30 Kms

If you are tired of the luxury malls and skyscrapers of Dubai, this wildlife adventure place will be your perfect getaway with family and friends. Make sure to not miss the chance by booking your trip with iTvara and witness the wild beasts just from a hand’s distance!


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