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Icon March 7, 2018
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As the world knows the little state of Goa is best known for beaches, it is not all about beaches and if you are looking to ditch the beach this time around and looking for places to explore Goa. We have you covered.

There are other places like Backwater Canals, Lakes, Forts, Waterfalls and other places of attractions. Here’s a compilation of places you can go this time around, instead of the over-crowded beaches.

Bamanbudo Falls

The Canaconataluka in the Southern Goa, overlooking the Ambe Ghat is the Bamanbudo Falls. The beautiful falls sliding down the rocks in substantial force creating foams and adding charm to the existing beauty of the place is something most of the tourists miss out on. There is vantage point near the falls offering a magnificent view of the Ambe Ghat. The cascade more or less look like water sliding along the hills rather than a waterfall, yet the force of the water flowing down is phenomenal and it is advised trudge carefully as the rocks are slippery. The waterfall is in its full glory in monsoons.


Sinquerim Fort

The Sinquerim beach in Goa is home to a magnificent royal fort that depicts the Portuguese architecture, while the beach itself is less known, leave alone the fort. This is fort separates the beach into two parts. The Sinquerim Fort is an extension of the Aguada Fort. In the 16th and 17th century the fort served as the port where European ships used to anchor and also served as a protection against the Dutch and Maratha invaders. Today, the fort houses a luxury resort on one side and on the other side a river meets the Sinquerim Beach and is relatively less crowded. There are also a few adventure activities offered there.

Harvalem Falls

Just around 7KM from the Sanquelim town, there is a waterfall that falls down from a height of 50 meters, along the road from the Mayem Lake. Tucked away in the quaint jungles of the unexplored part of Goa, this place is one of the least explored places in Goa. Harvalem Falls in one among the most beautiful Falls in Goa, water gushing down the boulders and forming a small lake that lets you dip your feet inside and revel in the scenic beauty this place has to offer.


Harvalem Caves


Just next to the Harvalem Falls, lies a temple called the Rudranath Temple and the Harvalem Caves, which goes unnoticed as people drawn to the waterfalls fail to explore the area around the Falls and the Caves makes a proper getaway from the crowd. The Cave is also a cause of mystery as a long-standing debate is still raging, while some say the caves were inhabited by the Pandavas, due to the presence of “Shivlings” inside the caves, while the rest argues that the caves were of the Buddha Era, due to the presence of a Buddha statue. Whatever, they might say the cave never fails to charm the visitors by its aura.

Chorla Ghats

The Goa-Maharashtra-Karnataka border is the most beautiful places in South India, the glorious beauty of the Western Ghats is bound to be seen in the amalgamation point of these 3 states. People tend to get lost in the sizzling parties in the suburbs of Goa, they fail to turn their attention to this scenic place, that is completely ignored. The Chorla Ghat is manifested with lush green valleys and thick jungles, making it an ample place to go trekking, bird watching and butterfly spotting making it one of the visit places to photographers who are into nature photography. This surreal place makes for a perfect getaway if you are in quest of tranquillity and peace.

Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

If you are someone who is an adventure seeker and nature, the Cumbarjua Backwater Canal serves as the perfect place for you. You can take a backwater boat ride in the canal through the thick mangrove trees and swamps of this canal, you can also spot a few crocodiles lazing out and sunbathing in the banks of the Mondovi River. This is one place that is hidden in plain sight and also offers a new experience in Goa.

Savoi Spice Gardens

Everybody in the nation loves the Fenni drink that is only available in Goa, but has you ever wondered why the Fenni is such a hit amongst and what goes into its preparation? The Goa Fenni is prepared by the rare and exotic herb called “Fenni” along with Cashews that is exclusive only to Goa. The Savoi Spice is one of the famous cultivation hubs of the Fenni and this place is also come to several rare herbs and the “Goan Urak” along with colorful fruit orchards. This organic paradise in Goa is something that is not be missed.

Netravali Lake

The Netravali Lake is one of the most easily missed part in Goa, this lake is also called as the “Bubbling Lake” as bubbles form on the water surface due to the presence of gases like Methane in the lake bed, which is fun to watch. You can also dip your feet in the lake (it’s harmless) and treat yourself to a free fish spa.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, though not the biggest of the two wildlife sanctuaries, the Cotigao sanctuary houses the most number of fauna as compared to the other one, dotted with vivid flora and fauna, the Cotigao Sanctuary serves as the perfect place for hiking and recreation. If you are in the right season and lucky enough, you might get to spot some of the animals like Laughing Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Malabar crested Eagles and Indian Bison.

The Bat Island

The Bat island or the Pequeno Island is just a short 30-minute boat ride from the Baina Beach in Vasco, the obscured nature of the place makes it easily unnoticed. But, it can be easily reached via boats or ferry, that row to-and-fro from the Baina beach and there are also facilities like Snorkelling and Scuba diving. There are plenty of surprises hidden for the adventure enthusiasts at the Bat Island.

Ditch the beach this time and visit all these places. Book with iTvara.

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