How Travel Makes You A Better Person

Icon August 6, 2018
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They say there is nothing better for the soul than travel. Everyone who goes traveling claims to come back a totally different person. Can travel actually make you a better person? Based on all the experiences you have and the impact that traveling can have on the way you look at the world, it’s very likely that it can change you for the better. 

People go traveling for a wide range of different reasons. They want to broaden their horizons, to learn about the world, to have new experiences and to create unforgettable memories. Some people have a bucket list they want to tick off, others want to improve their lives through travel.

Travel can also have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. It can lower stress levels, increase your life expectancy and make you happier. It enables you to break your normal routine and have lots of new and enlightening experiences. There’s no doubt that if you go traveling, you will return a more well-rounded and open-minded person. Here’s how traveling the world can make you a better person.

Learn to be alone

A lot of people travel solo because it enables you to do exactly what you want to do and see the world for yourself. It’s healthy to be able to be at ease in your own company and to be able to sit with your thoughts. Travel will make you a better person because it teaches you to be comfortable in your own company and become more independent.

Have cultural experiences

Travelling enables you to have cultural experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. It’s good to immerse yourself in another culture and take part in a wide range of different cultural activities. Travel helps you to understand different cultures and how different people around the world live their lives.

Appreciate what you have

Travelling can be very eye-opening it can show you how some other people live, which is very humbling. We often get caught up in our lives and have no idea just how lucky we really are. Travel also encourages you to become less materialistic. You only take with you the stuff you really need. You get so much joy and happiness from travelling that you finally realise what’s really important in life. When you return home you recognise that you don’t need all the material things that you once considered valuable.

Learn the value of money

Many people save for years to travel around the world, and whilst travelling they learn the value of money. You learn how to get by on a limited budget and how much your money is worth in different countries.

Live in the moment

In today’s frantic world it can be extremely difficult to live in the here and now. There are far too many distractions. When you are travelling it’s just you and your backpack. You gradually learn to live in the moment and treasure every precious experience. Rather than worrying about the past or future, when you are travelling you stay in the present. Travel is a wonderful way of making people notice things. When you are trekking through a jungle, climbing a mountain or navigating round a new city you can’t help but focus on the world around you.

Learn to adapt

Travel, just like life, doesn’t always go to plan. You might come up against a few challenges whilst travelling including getting lost, missing your flight, getting delayed at the airport and struggling to get from one place to another.

These sort of experiences are inevitable, and having to go through them forces you to adapt. You have to learn to be flexible whilst travelling and adapt to changing situations.

Get out of your comfort zone

We all settle into our everyday lives, and rarely venture outside of our comfort zone. It’s not until you travel that you get the chance to really step out of your comfort zone and overcome some of your fears.

From trying unusual delicacies and learning to live differently to adrenaline fuelled activities such as jumping out of a plane, travel offers it all. You will return more fulfilled and with so many amazing memories.

Learn about the world

We can often be narrow minded and struggle to understand different cultures and ways of doing things. Travelling in an enriching experience where you learn so much about the world. It enables you to tell fascinating stories and can make you are the more interesting person to be around. You get to learn about the history, culture, traditions and people of every place you visit. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the world. Travel teaches you things you just can’t learn from books.

Help with conservation

Travel teaches you about the natural world. There are plenty of opportunities to help with conservation whilst you are travelling. Many people make this a key part of their travel experience and try to travel in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Improve your social and communication skills

When you are out travelling the world and spending time in new places you are forced to communicate with strangers. Whether it’s to ask for directions, to start a conversation in a bar or to help someone.

You will find your communications skills will improve and you will be more confident in talking to new people. While you are travelling you get to meet lots of different interesting people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

So keep traveling.


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