My Love for Mountains

Icon September 6, 2018
Icon By Manisha Singh
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I am a mountain lover/ mountain climber and I have never in my life claimed to be a voyager until I started hiking in the mountains. With the beautiful, lush green bushes and slopes, the enticing teal lakes hidden away like a top-secret prize waiting to be found, and those spectacular sky-high pointed summits, it was love at first sight. But more than that, climbing mountains became an instant passion because of the way it made me feel. I was able to just be the real me and connect with the sort of myself that felt the most reliable and factual.

Being surrounded by the mountains has a powerful effect on somewhat deeper. It’s as if being among something greater than ourselves, changes our viewpoint and perception on life and the things that really matter. Somehow without trying, you are able to meet your demons, re-evaluate your problems or your goals or your desires – you are able to extend your outlook and replicate on the big picture.


They have a healing power, call me crazy or whatever. But there is no denying it. Maybe it’s that dose of fresh mountain air, the exercise or the liters of water I drink when I’m hiking, but I swear to you that after a visit to the mountains I feel extremely better. It’s as if there is a get-up-and-go source in those summits that you can knock into and feed off of. Getting out there exactly fuels you and rebalances you; you will especially feel more peaceful and joyful, and less short-tempered or concerned. There was never a time that I left the mountains without feeling refreshed, happy and inspired – ready to take on anything that came my way.

They serve as an opportunity for personal growth, through challenging yourself, both physically and mentally, you cultivate. Through pushing yourself outside of your coziness and getting out there, you flourish. Through completing something you started and seeing it through to the end, you make evolution. Through getting lost or falling down or failing to summit a climb, you learn to not only be kind to yourself knowing you TRIED your best, but you bloom into a humbler person! Through intermingling with nature, you grow respect for the earth and compassion for the welfare of the environment and of the animals.

Spending time out in the mountains really takes things back to basics. There is no wifi, no cell service, no social media – money doesn’t matter out in the woods or up on a mountain top. It’s just you and mother nature.

This time spent without our devices allows us to just be in the moment and identify the beauty of the little things. When was the last time you permitted yourself to let go of thoughts placed around emails and work or the “things” you want or “tasks” that must get done? When was the last time you stopped talking or thinking for long enough to really listen to the birds sing, or appreciate the smell of that earthy aroma after the rain, or to gaze out on the landscape in front of you without ‘seeing right through it‘?  We take these little moments all for granted – personally I found that spending time in the mountains reinstated me to the value of the little things in life and the beauty of these tiny moments.

So, yes! I left a portion of my heart in the mountains – or more precisely, I think took part of them with me and that’s a long distance relationship (till the time we meet again), I’m okay with!



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