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Have you ever wondered why people trek ?? I have mostly seen that those who trek, return to trek again and again. They keeping trekking till they can, and when they can’t, they get restless to the core! Some leave their jobs to just keep trekking. Some fight with their boss to gather holidays. If that’s resolved, they still fight with their parents or loved ones to be there and trek to the mountains. My friends and colleagues who are not into adventure activities like trekking always thought, I am a drip who at the drop of a hat will leave everything to take off to the mountains for 20 to 25 days. They would always wonder what kind of a holiday is this, where you go and tax yourself again instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself on a holiday.

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Its a madness, a deep affection and love. It’s like going crazy! It’s perhaps very meaningful and necessary. If you have a friend who has at least done one trek in the Himalayas, you know what madness and love I am talking about.

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My friends and colleagues could never measure the fact that I would come back looking more fresh, rejuvenated and happy than ever before. One can never understand the gung-ho attitude after completing a trek until one has endeavor into a task of this nature.

At the outset let me tell you that trekking is fun and not laborious. That’s a myth according to me. Believe me, start slow. Begin with a small hike into the wilderness over the weekend and see how happy you come back.

Read on to find out why should you trek, if you haven’t already

Witness rare views of magical mountains and nature like no one else could:

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Trekking takes you deeper and higher into the mountains, a fairyland, where if there are any fairies, it’s just you! Nature is a stage in which all the elements of it,  in forms of rivers, meadows, vast snowfield, glaciers, rains, snowfalls, clouds, sunrise, sunset, days, nights, everything performs a different play each day. No wonder, why people come back mesmerized and changed!

Inner peace in the lap of Mother Nature:

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Nature is the mother of us all. You might have grown older, or just started to face the challenges of day to day life, staying away from home far from your mother’s love and care, struggling with some issues in your life. Mother Nature has the cure for you. It gives you peace, a peace similar to sleeping on your mother’s lap like a kid..  a peace similar to finding Nirvana if you know how that feels.  It heals you and makes you more HUMAN!

Test your limits and fortitude:

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Trekking involves a lot of hard work and physical effort. A mountain which seems unclimbable, after some time you realize you are on top of it. Its a result of your effort, determination, patience and courage that you could do it. Something you had in you but had never realized!! Trekking boosts your moral & pumps positivity in you. Wear that, like your best dress ever!!

Personal Growth:

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A trek changes you. It improves you and with each trek you do, you develop out of the mountains as a new person altogether. The huge, strong and dangerous looking mountains standing in front of you softens your heart and makes you realize that you are just a human – Nature’s own creation, like any other being,

“Neither big nor small, but certainly The Special One”. You feel like Nature’s Child.

It’s your own time & space:

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How much time has it been that you did not have time for YOURSELF? These days we keep extremely busy making our lives better, for ourselves and our dear ones. However, that does take a toll on us. On a trek, it’s You and Your time completely! DO what you like to do, GO where you like to go, THINK what you like to think. It’s beyond my boundaries to tell you what to do when the Time is YOURS !! Break free from the societal barriers of life and venture into the wilderness. Trust me, you will not regret it. However, not doing it might take you places in the society, but not in your own limited LIFE!

Fitness and Wellness:

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Fitness is a lifestyle and not a time pass. Trekking helps you get righter and maintain your fitness throughout. At least 2 treks a year, if not more will give you satisfactory exercise to keep your health in check. Of course, it depends on the kind of trek you chose to do.


Make friends for a lifetime:

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It is said that you make best friends for a lifetime on a trek, as you indulge with people of common thinking. Actually, it’s more than that. I have made lots. Talk to anyone who has been on a trek, get to know how he made new friends. I have seen the shyest of a person go laughing and behave very friendly on completion of a trek. such a beautiful sport it is.

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These are just a few of the notable points. There are unlimited such reasons to trek. Find yours and do mention in the comment box below, it will be my pleasure to get to know your reason to start trekking.


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