Why celebrating Holi at Vrindavan is a lifetime experience ?

Icon February 28, 2018
Icon By Manisha Singh
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Vrindavan during Holi is so much more than just a destination for the festival of colors. It is the spirit of the people during those days that draws in people from around the globe. The history and culture also do play a pivotal part in differentiating it from the festivities of anywhere else. The celebrations start from mid-January and the main rituals begin 16 days before the Holi day. So one can imagine how massive the whole thing is!


Here are some of the reasons that make Holi in Vrindavan worth your visit.

Laddoo Mar Holi-

Here you aren’t just fed laddoos; your faces are likely to get smeared with it, you may get hit by laddoos and basically, it is desi Tomatina with laddoos instead. It is considered that one is blessed by Lord Banke Bihari and Radha Rani on doing so.

Lath Mar Holi—

This is the unique celebration all over the country and one that also draws people from all over the country. In Barsana, the women residents of the town celebrate Holi by chasing and beating up the men who visit the town. The reason behind this is, Krishna’s reputation for being beaten up by the women of Barsana when he used to visit the town to sneak on Radha and tease her friends.

Celebrate love between Krishna and Radha—

A country that sometimes so vehemently protests against love, it is uncanny to watch an entire nation come together to celebrate the love between Krishna and Radha.


Akadeshi Holi Khel—

While the rest of the celebrations glorify Lord Krishna, this peaceful Holi khel on the last day is a mark of Lord Shiva worship and is unique to Vrindavan. For those who aren’t really a fan of wild Holi celebrations can quietly slip away here and observe the day.

You can drink Bhaang Thandai and receive no judgement

This is probably one of the least potent of all the cannabis products however, it is not a weak drink at all. Holi gives people around the country free license to get intoxicated on bhaang and you are likely to be applauded for finishing your thandai!

Marvel at the beautiful temple architecture—

Vrindavan – Mathura is filled with temples everywhere you look around. Almost all of them are ancient and have been standing since times immemorial. Visiting these temples during Holi literally makes you be a part of its age-old history.


It is saddening to watch our country sometimes be divided by the most trivial of issues. Holi is one festival that brings everyone together regardless of their faith, caste and creed.

The colors —

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The colors of Vrindavan during Holi as we see in every photograph are a kaleidoscopic representation of beauty. Even the ones who steer clear of celebrating the festival fall in love when in Vrindavan.

If these do not convince you to travel to Vrindavan during Holi and capture some of the most vibrant sights, then nothing will! So hurry up! Make those travel arrangements for Holi with iTvara.

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