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Gone are the days when kids used to play outdoors for hours, visited grannies and grandpas on their summer vacations, or shared their deep thoughts – feelings with parents. Introduction of digital world and its unfailing improvements in technology has sucked up cognitive development of our kids. They have become more social in the virtual world than physical world. The critical life skill which they learn by personal experience is missing. Moreover we as parents are hampering this important attribute of their learning by ignoring its worth.

As rightly said by Mary Austin

Man is not himself only..He is all that he sees; all that flows to him from a thousand sources..He is the land, the lift of its mountain lines, the reach of its valleys”

And it’s our prime duty to spend some time with our kids, away from the concrete jungle and create an everlasting bonding with them in nature.

Let’s take them for a wildlife vacation, keeping them excited about safaris and myriad wildlife we will be going to witness. We bet – they would come back as different individual all together. Here’s sharing some of the top traits which your kids will learn on their wildlife holiday and safaris with us.


If we notice carefully we are always surrounded by birds, even in cities but seldom know their common names. We lack the zeal to learn and ignore their role in balancing our eco-system. Be it seed dispersal, pollinating flowers, pest control or their comforting vocals, we forgot to teach our kids as well, how to cherish these beauties.

With EA bird watching will be fun, when accompanied by an experienced naturalist on safari or nature walk. Our tours are hand-picked & designed to resurrect interest among kids for identifying birds.


Every animal in the jungle has its own way to communicate and alarm each other of danger. For example a deer will make different sounds when young, or on rut or while alarming others of the presence of predators. Similarly a tiger can make different sounds, may it be territorial roar, mating roar, affectionate chuffing, distress call, wrestling sounds, snarling, growling, moaning etc. Kids have a wonderful opportunity to witness some these moments on safari and learn bird sounds while bird-watching.


Photography is a powerful tool to showcase one’s appreciation for wildlife. It’s not necessary to have a big bazooka to buy or hire for your kids; what its essential is to have a decent camera and develop their thinking ability to visualize and compose the scene with the subject in a better way. Once hooked there are many hidden benefits you would bring back home for them.

Wildlife photography inspires self esteem, rebuilds imagination power, relieves stress, and helps to view the natural world differently. Moreover, with every recognition from you on their photos will encourage them improve and better themselves, thus teaching them very important lesson to excel.


The experiences you will gain with your kids not only on safari but also at the lodges you stay in, hanging around the communal place, interacting with other guests and your naturalists will spark curiosity, new learning’s and open-mindedness. Once back they will be more explicit in sharing their own experience with their friends and teachers in school. Isn’t it a valuable trait we need them to possess??


When we were kids, we felt liberated and emotionally attached to our parents. But today our children’s spend more time in technology, than talking to us. The connection seems broken, when every-one is engaged on their mobile phones, I pads or laptops even though living at the same premise. This is an opportunity for every parent to reconnect with your kids, spend time in nature and build that relationship which you yourself had with your parents.


Our ancestral routes belong to the countryside and it’s important to familiarize kids to the daily chores of rural India. It’s uplifting to see how less they depend on materialistic things and lead a simplistic yet happy life. A village visit can be organized as per your request by our team at the lodges you stay in.


National parks and Bird sanctuaries brings us close to nature, unfolding hidden treasures known to few. Your kids will learn many interesting facts from the wild enhancing their knowledge and significance of protecting our pristine forests and saving the environment. Most of the eco-lodges we book are into sustainable practice, organic farming and promote local employment. The examples they have set are admirable and will help your kids better understand self-sustainability.

Written by : Ashish Tirkey

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