Which type of Traveler are you?

Icon August 9, 2018
Icon By Manisha Singh
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One vital thing you need to figure out before you even start planning your expedition is what kind of wanderer you are? If you plan a trip that doesn’t fit with your nature and who you are? you probably won’t enjoy the trip.

We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s at the airport, a museum or in your hotel lobby. You can spot these travelers from a mile away.

The only question is: which one are you?


The Soul Searcher-

Where to find them- India, Cambodia, Thailand 

Preferred lodging- Cottage, Beach hut

How to spot them- Dreadlocks, henna tattoos, hemp clothing, yin-yang necklace

You might hear- “Life is a journey, not a destination”

Social Networking- They don’t need that.

Go to activities- Yoga, Long Hikes, Organic Co-op farming



The Adrenaline Junkie- 

Where to find them- Australia, New Zealand

Preferred lodging- Hostels

How to spot them- Shirtless, tan, sunglasses, shaka sign

You might hear- “That was a gnarly dude!”

Social Networking- Sharing GoPro videos.

Go to activities- Skydiving, Ziplining, Whitewater Rafting



The First Timer-             

Where to find them- Anywhere

Preferred lodging- Budget Hotel

How to spot them- Selfie stick, too many suitcases, brand-name guidebook, fanny pack

You might hear- “Do you speak English?”

Social Networking- Facebook/Instagram everything!

Go to activities- Getting lost, Falling for tourist traps, Buying souvenirs for everyone


The Romantic-   

Where to find them- France (mostly)

Preferred lodging- B&B in a Chateau

How to spot them– Cute outfits, big smiles, engagement ring

You might hear- “Will you marry me?”

Social Networking- Wedding board on Pinterest

Go to activities- Gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, taking a couple selfies.



The Partier-    

Where to find them- Europe, GOA (in India)

Preferred lodging- Anywhere the drinks are included

How to spot them- Huge bag pack, a college T-shirt, week old beard.

You might hear- “Shots!”

Social Networking- Snapshot stories

Go to activities- Going to Bars, Going to Pubs, Going to Clubs


Family Vacationers- 

Where to find them- Almost everywhere

Preferred lodging- Chain Hotel on points

How to spot them- Packed van, strollers, kids on a leash

You might hear- “I will turn this car around!”

Social Networking- Skyping with grandparents.

Go to activities- Visiting National Park, Distracting Kids with iPads, Posing for a family picture


The Retiree   

Where to find them- UK, Ireland

Preferred lodging- A group tour bus or cruise liner

How to spot them- Cargo shorts, socks & sandals, floppy hats

You might hear- “Here’s a picture of my grandkids!”

Social Networking- Sharing photos on Facebook

Go to activities- Wine tasting, Eating at five-star restaurants, arguing about directions


The Business Person  

Where to find them- New York City

Preferred lodging- A three-star hotel with a status or loyalty program

How to spot them- Suit & tie, one carry-on and a garment bag, Bluetooth

You might hear- “Yeah, I was in Chicago last week”

Social Networking- A crisp LinkedIn profile and updates of his traveling

Go to activities- Watching sports at the hotel bar, Working on their laptop in the lobby, Getting their money’s worth at the buffet.



Leave your comment, we would love to know, which type of traveler are you?



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